WHY is Breaking Boredom With Elaine A Winner?

Covid – Covid. Our precious Seniors are frustrated with the necessary quarantines that come with Covid. They’re disappointed with all the isolation that keeps them from being active & feeling productive. We must keep them safe & well, yet can’t allow Vendors into the facility. So their cherished activities come to a halt!

Here is the solution that solves that problem! Residents can now enjoy all types of activities AND stay safe. The “virtual” programs I offer are a well-rounded schedule of activities that can be broadcast through your existing communication system. They can enjoy Piano Music, Chair Exercise time, Book Club & even enjoy Worship Services – without leaving the facility or bringing in Vendors! And each month, I include a fabulous Breaking Boredom Challenge – it covers a month, learning a new word, a silly word, a quote, a Scripture & words to Hymns. And each Worship Service will use these Hymns, so Residents can sing along!

Facilities are loving this! It solves SO MANY problems. It saves YOU money – 1st priority!  Residents are busy again – they have PURPOSE because they have a Schedule of “Things To Do” to relax, to challenge them  – to have fun again! Think about it – they are having fun … AGAIN!